image usage

Terms and conditions.1. All content on the website is licensed to rcstills, and is rcstills’ intellectual property, all content has been gained with the permission from the photographer or on behalf of the photographer.
2. Any re-use of the images for personal usage is deemed acceptable, and is a non-issue with rcstills. This includes personal usage on Facebook, Blogging platforms (tumblr, wordpress, blogspot, etc), and other online platforms, this does not include printing.
3. Fair usage of images from rcstills does not include an individual has commercial interests for the usage of the intellectual property, this is deemed not personal usage.
4a. Any company, organisation or individual, that uses our content for commercial usage without gaining permission outside of Facebook is deemed copyright infringement, and penalties will apply.
4b. If Content is used within Facebook, accreditation rules apply.
5. If photos are used to highlight an event that has passed within 30 days of the event is acceptable, as long as these terms are met, either rcstills is tagged in the post, or a link is given to the website, if these links are not active, or are simply credited to the name of the photographer this is not acceptable. For images to be used outside of the 30 day period permission must be granted from rcstills before proceeding with the usage of images.
6. Photos reproduced by media organisations, and re-used for commerical purpose anywhere is strictly prohibited without permission.
7. Any individual or organisation that chooses not to meet these terms and conditions is subject to penalties/legal action from rcstills.
8. Photos that have been licensed, or approved can only be done by Editorial Director, and terms and conditions may vary upon individual usage/contact/image size/etc.

For any further enquiries please contact our editorial director at

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