Dark Tranquillity @ The Opera House 11.01.15

Dark Tranquallity - rcstills.com-42

All the hair! The mini festival that was Dark Tranquillity at the Opera House was a long haired event. I must have missed the memo, (more…)

Flashback!! Summafieldayze @ The Spit – January 2012


This time we venture to the best forgotten festival that was Summafieldayze. Located in the cesspool that was – for the weekend – the Gold Coast spit. (more…)

Long Winter Vol. 3 @ The Great Hall 09.01.15

Long Winter - rcstills.com-129

Third time shooting Long Winter, this time for the event itself. Musically this is always amazing, the line up always bringing out the best from in and around the Toronto scene. (more…)

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